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Black Pepper Powder 100g

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Black Pepper Whole 100g

King of the Table Top Black Pepper is liked in steak, liked in salad and almost about everything. This enchanter of palates and the mightiest spice is now easy to shop placing an order online through India Bazaar. This incredible spice is popular since ancient times and native to South India Kerala and from their spread throughout.

Pepper powder is actually dried and powdered form of pepper or berries extracted from flowering vine. The spicy flavour is enough to warm ears but the best way to add spicy chilly flavour to your every day meals. The woodsy and citrusy flavour counter balances the balance making meals delicious and gulping.

• This versatile seasoning is usually at the end of the cooking to make savoury dishes.
• Use for marinating chicken, fish or other favourite meats.
• Best seasoning for soups, sauces and pickles.
• Being a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C is acts as anti-inflammatory, carminative and anti-flatulent.

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