High-quality ghee, or clarified butter, is a superfood which can easily be incorporated into your diet. It is a staple in traditional Indian cooking, and is also popular in the French cuisine.

Ghee may have over 101 health benefits, but we’re giving you eight good and valid reasons why you should consider using it in your daily meal preparations.

(NOTE: Consuming large amounts of ghee on a daily basis is not recommended. Variety, moderation and a balanced diet are keys to getting the most out of the health benefits of ghee.)

1. Good for the teeth and bones

Ghee, in its purest form, is rich in vitamin K2, an activator of vitamin D, which helps the body rebuild bone tissues. Taken with other nutrient-dense foods, it has also been proven to be effective in remineralizing damaged teeth.

2. Lactose-intolerant friendly

While ghee is a dairy product, its milk solids are removed in the process. This allows lactose-intolerant people to take full advantage of the health benefits of ghee without dietary issue.

3. Possesses anti-inflammatory properties

Ghee has been used in the Ayurvedic medicine for many years to cure colon inflammations. Research also shows that it has the ability to moisturize and lubricate the gut and joints, and has also been proven effective in controlling allergies.

4. Good for the heart

Contrary to popular belief that all fats are bad for cardiovascular health, ghee is the exact opposite. In fact, ghee is an effective remedy in maintaining blood sugar levels, clearing blocked arteries and controlling triglycerides.

5. Inhibits the development of cancer

Ghee enhances enzymes that are responsible for getting rid of carcinogens. It also contains butyrate acid – a component that increases healthy bacteria in the gut and colon.

6. Boosts the immune system

As mentioned above, ghee promotes good gut bacteria. When your gut is in a good state, it allows absorption of essential nutrients, thus boosting your overall immune system making you less susceptible to diseases.

7. Enhances the efficacy of herbs

Ayurvedic preparations use ghee as a way to extract the medicinal properties of herbs. Some people like to cook their herbs in ghee before adding them to dishes.

8. Has a long shelf life

Ghee doesn’t easily spoil.Some claim that it can even last up to a hundred years even when left at room temperature.


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