Ajwain seeds are an original Indian spice cultivated in Northern India and Iran. It is often used as an alternative to thyme or caraway Seeds. Some call it "bishop’s weed," or "carom seeds." It is a common ingredient in many Indian dishes and the secret to their strong and savory spicy flavours. 

Ajawain seeds are light brown in color, small in size and look similar to celery seeds. They are also often confused with lavage plants because of their similarities, although Ajawain seeds come from a plant of similar family group. To correctly buy the Ajawain seeds, it is recommended to look closely into its characteristics. A labeled packaging would be a great help to avoid mistakes of buying other ingredients instead. 

In most areas of India, Ajwain seeds are used for medicinal purposes because of its proven therapeutic properties. It aids in digestion and can also be used as an antiseptic.

Ajwain seeds are one of the greatest spices ever discovered that adds depth of flavor to ordinary dishes. It works well with pakora and gathia and often mixed together with onions to create tasty afternoon snacks. It is usually sprinkled in naan to make it more flavourful. It also goes well with potatoes, lentils andmore.

When cooking, ajwain seeds should be dry fried together with other spices before the other main ingredients are added into the dish. This allows the spices to develop a more delicate and intricate aroma that is almost similar to zahtar, which is a blend of Syrian herbs. They are not usually eaten raw since they taste bitter taste, but they are appetizing when mixed with other ingredients.


Ajwain Seeds