Anardana Seeds driedAnardana seeds, or dried pomegranate, are traditionally used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. They are added in stews, chutneys, spice rubs, and breads to achieve an extraordinary flavour. Its taste is similar to lemon, sumac, and tamarind but with a bit of swirl and deftly unique aroma that makes food mouth-watering.

To make this spice, pomegranate seeds are simply dried under the sun. This can also be a means of preservation to always make them readily available since pomegranate is a seasonal fruit.

Anardana seeds come in different varieties, and each kind serves a different purpose for every dish. Softer and juicier seeds are best for soups and stews, while ground ones for sauces. While other sour spices are used as finishing touches, anardana seeds can be added to braising liquids because the flavour gets better with time.