Black Pepper Powder

Black Pepper powder is a famous Indian spice that comes from the pepper plant, which grows as high as 33 feet above the ground. It is cultivated as a fruit, dried, powdered and used as seasoning to add a depth of flavor in famous Indian cuisines. While folks of long time ago processed their own black pepper, nowadays a good variety of black pepper powder can be bought in online grocery stores. Other than black pepper powder, there are also green pepper and red pepper – their colors reflect the length of processing time.

You may also want to explore local Indian stores to buy original black pepper powder. Oftentimes, these stores feature an extensive collection of dried herbs and spices with superior quality and freshness. Just like buying other dried spices, it is highly recommended to choose organically grown black pepper powder to catch a perfect taste when blended with different recipes.

To use black pepper, chefs typically just add a pinch of it to almost every type of recipe imaginable. It makes different recipes awesomely delicious and mouthwatering. Indian style cooking use it to spice up the famous “Garam Masala while French chef use it to make a perfect “mignonette.” Because of the ingredient’s popularity and unique food enhancing-capability, black pepper has been hailed as the King of Spices.

To further enjoy black pepper powder, coat steaks with crushed peppercorns before cooking. You can also use it to add flavor to meat, chicken, lamb, and seafood. Also keep black pepper powder in your table so you can add its intense spark in your beef soup or noodle soup.

The black pepper powder also has a lot of health benefits. It stimulates taste buds and increases hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach to improve digestion. It is also rich in vitamin see and other minerals that increases body metabolism and solubility of food. To buy Indian spices like the black pepper powder, make sure that you get access to a trustworthy Indian spice shop.

Black Pepper Powder