Black Pepper Whole

The different types and forms of black pepper represent different uses. When you buy herbs and spices in an Indian online grocery store, you need to be sure of the recipe you are cooking to determine which type of black pepper you are going to use.

The black peppercorn comes from a flowering vine in the family of Piperaceae, and is native to South India. They are extensively cultivated and processed to become a palatable spice, which can be added to any type of recipe to improve its flavour.

Peppercorns are freshly picked from the bush before they ripen into red pepper. Naturally, they are dried under the sun to allow the pepper to darken and release its natural juice. As they dry, their colors would start to become dark. After they are dried, they are then stored properly in less than one year to preserve their flavor.

Used in many cuisines, the black pepper is probably amoungst famous spices in the world. From a culinary standpoint, the black pepper’s uses are almost endless. They can also be crushed and pulverized for coating meats and spicing up soups. When a recipe calls for black peppercorns, it is best to choose the ones that come in their purest form to achieve the best flavour. Just like any other spice, black peppercorns are best preserved when stored in air-tight containers.