Coriander powder is a famous and delicious Indian condiment that is grounded from the coriander seeds. There are very few Indian dishes that can be prepared without coriander powder. With a pleasing aroma, a bit of a spicy, citrus flavor and savory taste, everyone generally prefers to have it as the main ingredient.Coriander Powder


A sprinkle of coriander powder to any recipe makes the latter pungent and flavorful. You would not resist its tasty flavor that will stick from your mouth, down to every sense of your body. Oftentimes, coriander powder is mixed with water before it is being blended with other ingredients. Such technique helps alleviate bad gas and aids faster digestion for people who are suffering from digestive problem. Coriander powder adds a depth of flavor to Indian curry powder and Garam Masala. It perfectly blends with other spices.  To keep it stay fresh, it has to be tightly sealed in a container. 

Believe it or not, but coriander is one of the oldest spices – a reason why Indian spices are praised for their prestigious origin and delectable taste. It's natural and healthy with no side effects. 

Coriander powder is not just an ordinary spice but also a herb. This means that aside from its distinctive flavoring features, it is also an alternative medicinal plant with several health benefits such as the following:

  1. Aids faster digestion and metabolism
  2. Excellent remedy for fever especially when mixed together with aniseed
  3. Provides relief from heat when mixed with water (be careful with the amount of coriander powder that you add to the glass of water since too much of it might cause bad reaction to your body)
  4. Organic detox for the body  against harmful chemicals such as lead, arsenic, and mercury
  5. Since ages, it is even used to cure sexual impotence. The Greeks and Romans also prescribed coriander in their love potions and so even mentioned in Sanskrit as well.

 You can buy coriander powder or can also buy coriander seeds and grind them whenever you need the condiment.

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