‘Coriander seeds’ is a popular Indian spice that is very delicious and healthy. It is an integral part of Indian cuisine that adds amazing flavor to the recipes. It is a wonderful herb with a lot of medicinal properties associated. It is edible in all its parts but the dried coriander seeds are the most delicious form used in cooking. Due to its health benefits and delicious savor, this spice has been loved by people from all over Middle East and Asia. Fortunately, you can now get it in Australia as well. All you need to do is visit our Indian grocery store Sydney – India Bazaar.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds are major condiments used in Indian curries and Garam Masala. The best way to enjoy their original taste is to stir-fry them. This allows their essential oils to come out and mix with other ingredients, thereby giving a blend of slightly mild and sweet flavor. Despite the quirky and creamy brownish color, coriander seeds add warmth and exquisitely aromatic flavor to your recipes.  The coriander seeds, however, can also be grounded manually. Just get a mortar and pestle and you can have an amazing spice to sprinkle on your dish. 

Most of the Indian herbs and spices are known for the various health benefits they provide.  Traditionally, this tasty spice was known as an “anti-diabetic” plant and was used as anti-inflammatory treatment and cholesterol-lowering agent. Ancient people in India and even in Europe still use coriander to alleviate the symptoms of diabetes and stabilize sugar levels in the body.

Since coriander seeds are organic Indian spice, you can be assured that you get an original aroma and flavor. Use the seeds in pickles or in ground curry paste, and see the magical outcome. Better yet, store coriander seeds in airtight container to keep them for a while until the next use.

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