Ginger Powder Ginger has both flavor-enhancing and medicinal properties. People who enjoy pungent aromas will definitely like ginger. This root may either be used fresh or in the form of powder or flakes. It can be added to many types of dishes and beverages. It is used as a spice in Asian and Indian cuisines.

The beneficial effects of ginger to your health are numerous. It is effective in easing dizziness, menstrual cramps and pain associated with arthritis. Studies show that ginger taken before surgery reduces postoperative nausea and vomiting. This root also helps relieve motion sickness; therefore, it is best taken a couple of hours before travelling, whether by land, air or sea. 

Ginger is also known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Regular consumption is recommended for those who are suffering from osteoarthritis. This miraculous plant is also helpful in reducing muscle pain after exercise.

During a cold, ginger helps warm the body for comfort while it aids in combatting infections. It also helps in decongesting stuffy nose and soothes sore throat. It also assists in releasing sweat to get rid of toxins. It can either be added to soups or beverages or prepared as a tea. (NOTE: Please consult your doctor before using ginger as a natural remedy.)