Indian Cooking Tips

No matter which part of the world you belong to, if you ever ate Indian food at least once in your life, there is no chance you can resist falling in love with it! And if you are a foodie, you would surely like to try cooking Indian food on your own to find out the secrets behind the sumptuous flavors that Indian food has to offer.

Remember that it’s not that hard. It’s simple. A few basic tricks and a handful of experience will make you one heck of a good Indian cook. Fresh vegetables, fresh meat, cooking oils, aromatic spices and sauces are the fundamentals of Indian cooking. Take a note; Indian food without spices is like a movie without spices. Hence, before making your way to the kitchen, you should gather a little knowledge about the important ingredients.

Indian cooking is always fun. So make up your mind, have an idea, gather the ingredients, go to your kitchen and in addition to the dish, just add a little ‘spice’ to your life too!


  • First things first. The cooking pan should be hot before you start!
  • In spite of the delicious smell from different flavors, keep your windows open so you don’t choke yourself on the overwhelming flavors and smoke.
  • ‘Roast and grind’ is the key. Remember, the spice that needs to be ground needs to be roasted first.
  • Save time and use Pressure Cooker, without compromising on quality.
  • Some ingredients, you got to ‘create’ at home to have that traditional taste. Things like yogurt, taste better when you prepare them fresh under your own supervision.
  • It’s a common practice of Indians to buy fresh vegetables or meat. Now that you opted for Indian cooking, stay away from frozen vegetables and visit your local market to buy the fresh stuff. This will ensure quality as well as that refreshing taste in your food.

Take care of these cooking tips and enjoy the scrumptious Indian Food with your loved ones. Get all required Indian herbs and spices from India bazaar, your favorite Indian grocery store Sydney!

Do you want to refer to some Indian recipes? Well, we have it all at one place! Have a look at our recipes section and enjoy preparing one. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us!