India is a vast country with diversity. Here, people from different areas have different culture, caste, creed, language and religion. Apart from all of these, one major factor that makes every Indian state special in its own uniqueness in the food offered in different parts of the country! Every state has its own special cuisine and taste which are so famous that only not people from India are crazy about them but people from all around the world appreciate and love the Indian cuisine and Indian recipes.  Perhaps, this is the main reason as to why you will find Indian food restaurants available in all the significant countries of the world.

The list of 10 Most Loved Indian Cuisines around the Globe includes:

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala: No wonder, this delicious and the most famous Indian dish throughout the world had to top the list. Chicken Tikka Masala is everyone’s favorite. With special spices, sauces, aroma and flavors, Chicken Tikka is prepared in thick gravy. This sumptuous dish is undoubtedly available in every restaurant.
  2. Briyani: Briyani is a classic Indian traditional food, that’s a specialty in the rest of South-East Asia too. Briyani is prepared by cooking spicy gravy of meat (chicken, mutton, beef) and then adding it to boiled rice that are then left to be slow cooked. Different cities of India have different flavors of Briyani. Pulao Briyani and Bombay Briyani are the most famous among the general public.
  3. Chaat: Chaat….. The well-known North Indian cuisine! Well, this particular street food comes in a lot many varieties with each one of them truly loved by Indian food patrons everywhere. Most of the Chaats are famous for their super spices and simple recipe. Pani Puri and Gol Gappa are the must try snacks. Different Chaats include different ingredients and the most important ones are spices and herbs, chickpeas, potatoes, yoghurt sauce and fried bread.
  4. Samosa: Samosa is the most common Indian snacks. It consists of crispy fried dough that can be stuffed with whatever makes your world go round including mashed potatoes, pulses, meat or any other thing. Make sure you have your spicy chutney with the samosa to enhance the delicious taste 10 times.
  5. South Indian Cuisines: South Indian Cuisines are one of the most loved Indian cuisines. These usually consist of Dosa, Uttpam, Idli and Vadas. The basic ingredients are rice, spices, pulses, chilies, mustard seeds, Kadhi leaves and the native vegetables. Different types of pickles, curries and snacks are specialties of different areas that are admired all over the globe.
  6. Kebab: This is a dish that is popular all around the world. It’s made from minced meat with special spices and herbs which is then cooked over charcoal fire or skewers. Different types of Kebabs are available including fish, chicken and meat variants.
  7. Naan: Naan is the most loved flat bread from India. Cooked in ‘Tandoor’, it retains that special taste which can make you go crazy. Naan is the best companion of Chicken Tikka Masala or Kebab. Stuffed and spiced Naans are also available.
  8. Malai Kofta: Malai Kofta is a Punjabi dish that consists of meatballs soaked in spicy gravy of cream and tomatoes. It is one of the most famous Indian curry recipes. It can be prepared from potatoes, cheese or unripe bananas also. Accompanied by rice or flat bread, Malai Kofta can be spicy or not, depending upon your choice.
  9. Palak Paneer: A dish, straight from a typical Indian menu, that is good for health as well as for tongue.  In all, healthy and delicious! Palak Paneer is an Indian dish made from gravy of spinach soaked in butter. Have it with a few Naans and enjoy the sumptuous taste as well as the nutrients it has to offer.
  10. Dal Makhani: A spicy dish made from pulses with tomato puree and butter. Dal Makhani is a special dish that has fame just as chicken curry special dish that has fame just as chicken curry. You can find it in menu in almost every dinner party in India. Its popularity can be accessed from the fact that this dish is not only popular but loved right from the North to the South of India.