Indian cuisine is all about taste and aroma. Unlike other cuisines, Indian cuisine brings out the specific flavor of each ingredient. Inspite of the presence of multiple ingredients present in a single dish, the flavors are not intermingled. Experience the flavor of each ingredient in every bite – that’s the beauty of Indian cuisine!

What makes the identification of each flavor possible is the unique blend of spices! Some people consider Indian cuisine to be too rich in spices but only a few know that only a part of this is true and you can still enjoy the deliciousness of the Indian food with a slight moderation in the amount of spices used.

India is the land of spices and is known for this since centuries. If the intake of a heavy amount of spices makes anxious, you can still relish the Indian food and its intricate flavor by adding the spices only in limited portions. Yes, you can adjust the spices according to your own taste and prepare the same dish by adjusting the amount of spices used and the best part is, the dish still has the same brilliance even if you use half amount of spices. But please ensure that if you decrease the amount of hot spices, you would need to accordingly decrease the amount of salt and sugar in order to maintain the balance.

Another thing you need to do is to get rid of the misconception that “All Indian dishes are spicy”. It’s nothing more than a misconception. The majority of Indian dishes are not highly spicy. The taste depends on the blending of spices and not their amount. A single dish may contain more than ten spices, but can still be moderately spiced if all the spices are finely balanced. The reason is, the spices are very strong in flavor and thus, only a little amount of them need to be used.  For example, if you look at any Indian recipe, the ingredients will demonstrate you this clearly. For a recipe serving for 6 to 8 people, the ingredients are usually like, ‘1/8 teaspoon of cumin powder’, ‘a pinch of asafoetida’, etc.

Get rid of your misconception and grab a good knowledge on balancing the spices and what you will have is a less spicy version of your favorite Indian dish!