Gujaratis and their love for food is no more a secret. Some of the most popular Gujarati cuisines include khakra, thepla, handvi and dhokla. Due to its scrumptious taste and ease in preparation, Dhokla is the most popular of all the Indian food snack recipes. Though these spongy gram flour cakes look difficult to make, the reality is just opposite. You can make this authentic Gujarati dish with ease if you know the basic tricks.

The name ‘khaman’ refers to ‘yeast’ in Indian recipes. In Gujarati cuisine, it signifies those dishes that are made from soaked and grounded gram. The use of gram flour is just the substitute of the soaked and freshly ground gram. The fermentation is important and once the batter is properly fermented, you can store it in the fridge for later use. The most important thing about making Khaman dhokla is that you can actually serve freshly made Khaman dhokla whenever you want, just by keeping the fermented batter ready in the fridge. All you would need is to follow the directions carefully and prepare this delicious Khaman dhokla recipe for your dear ones.

Total time: 3 hrs 30 minutes

Servings: 4

Dhokla Ingredients:

  • 2 cup besan
  • 1 cup warm water
  • Salt, according to taste
  • 1 cup beaten yogurt
  • ¼ teaspoon chilli paste
  • 3/4 teaspoon ginger paste
  • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 2 tablespoons sunflower oil
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon soda bicarbonate
  • 1 teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 2 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves
  • ½ cup scraped coconut


  1. The beginning part of making khaman dhokla is to ferment the yogurt and gram flour mixture. In the total time of 3 hours and 30 minutes, three hours is to be used in fermenting the batter. You can keep the batter for more time depending upon the weather conditions. Just sieve the gram flour and put it in a bowl.
  2. Now, add the beaten yogurt and warm water and then whisk hard to make a smooth batter. You have to make sure that there are no lumps in the batter.
  3. After the fermentation is done, add turmeric powder along with chilli and ginger paste. Blend the batter thoroughly and keep the steamer ready for use and also remember to grease a thali.
  4. When all the preparations have been made, put the soda bicarbonate, lemon juice and one teaspoon oil in a small bowl and blend them thoroughly. This mixture will act as the agent to risen up the batter instantly and thus provide the sponge-like appearance of the dhokla.
  5. Pour the soda bicarbonate mixture into the batter and whisk briskly so that the entire mixture is well distributed in the batter. Do not waste time; else the effect of soda bicarbonate mixture will become weak and you will not get the sponginess of the dhokla.
  6. Quickly pour the batter into the greased thali and place the thali in the steamer. Cover the steamer with a lid and let the dish steam for 10 minutes. After steaming, you will find a nice spongy yellow colored flour cake. All you have to do now is to let it cool down a bit before cutting it into desired sized pieces.
  7. Now it is time to fry the dhokla. For that, you will have to heat the remaining oil in a small pan and add the mustard seeds. Wait till the seeds begin to crackle and then remove the pan from heat and pour the entire crackling mixture over the dhokla.

Serve the dhokla dish by garnishing with chopped coriander leaves and scraped coconut.

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