India bazaar announces 10% discount for first timers who will purchase Indian herbs and spices at India Bazaar online store – the leading online spice store in Sydney, Australia.

First-time customers from Sydney, Australia will now have more ways to save on buying Indian spices online with India Bazaar’s latest 10% discount. The discount is available for first timers who will sign up with the store’s newsletter.

According to the director of India Bazaar, the discount is not limited to herbs and spices. You may also choose from a wide selection of grocer items, kitchen ware and so much more.

Availing the 10% discount is easy. Simply enter your email address in the newsletter subscription box and enjoy your savings right away! You even get updated with our latest offers sent directly to your inbox.


Director is hopeful that through this pioneer program, India Bazaar can steer more excitement and cater stronger relations with incoming and outgoing customers. “Shopping spices online should have the same privilege as shopping in brick-and-mortar stores,” Director added. “But what makes shopping online even better is that customers, even those who are not located in Sydney can purchase their needs.”