Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds are among the most natural Indian ingredients that Indian grocery stores can’t survive without. Other than its distinct and tasty flavor, its high levels of sesamin and sesamolin are believed to lower cholesterol levels and prevent high blood pressure. Many vegan restaurants also use black sesame seeds to boost the nutritional benefits of their dishes.

Black sesame seeds are characterized by their blackish granules. Aside from being one of the oldest condiments known to man, this ingredient is also famous for its highly exceptional resistance to rancidity. Black sesame seeds are also used in many types of Asian dishes to add a nutty taste and invincible crunch. It is also the main ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisines, such as tahini and halvah.Unlike other Indian condiments which are largely dependent on season, black sesame seeds are available throughout the year. Nothing beats its availability and excellent natural food-enhancing capabilities.

Aside from the flavor it adds to popular Indian food snacks, the black sesame seed is also popular for its plethora of health benefits. It is not only a good hair-nourishing vitamin but also a source of essential minerals, such as copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin B1, and amino acids. In fact, in Chinese countries, black sesame seeds are even used for liver protection because of its high anti-oxidant content. Simply sprinkle black sesame seeds on your favorite sandwich or snack to make it more delicious and healthy.