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Bourn Vita 1Kg

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Bourn Vita 1Kg

Naughty kids are extremely fussy and can make feeding them, a tiresome and lengthy process. Since they are hyper active, there are times when they get easily fatigued due to the lack of required energy as they do not get the complete nutrition. However, with Bournvita – health drink, you can give your worries for your little ones, a real miss! It is absolutely suitable for children, two years and above.
Made from Malt extract, milk solids and Cocoa solids with essential Minerals and Vitamins like A, C,B9,B12,B2and Vitamin D , this Health Drink is essential for proper growth and development of your child’s body.
This Malted Chocolate Drink mix can be enjoyed either piping hot or deliciously cold depending upon your little one’s moods and cravings. You can mix Bournvita with ice cream and milk to make the supercilious Chocolate milk shake that is absolutely delightful and nutritious.

Ingredients: Malt Extract, Sugar, Cocoa Solids, Milk Solids, Caramel, Liquid Glucose, Permitted Emulsifiers, Vitamins, Minerals, Raising Agents, Salt.

Product of India