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Flora Plastic Storage 3 Pack 1000ml

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Flora Plastic Storage 3 Pack 1000ml

If kitchen arrangements messes you badly and you struggle hard to make your kitchen organized and tidy, Flora Plastic Storage is the perfect item you need immediately. We often need proper storage to keep our assortments at right place and most importantly retain the freshness and quality.

Flora Plastic Storage set of 3 pack is large enough to hold food in large quantities. Add now to your online India Bazaar shopping cart with this fabulous air tight storage jars and make your kitchen look more settled and clean.

• Store cooked food or cereals or biscuits and retain freshness for longer duration. Lock the aroma and no spills fear.
• Light in weight and floral design is highly attractive.
• Can be used in freezer and microwave both.
• See through material gives easy recognition to the stored food and the attached long spoon for easy serving.
• Non-breakable substance and easy to wash.

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