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Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker 5Litres

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Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker 5Litres

Made by the finest and most know brands in kitchen ware, the Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker with 5 litre capacity, ideally enough for preparing food for 5-7 people, is undoubtedly the perfect product which is particularly useful for cooking some extra delicious recipes or dishes. It is quite famous for its design as well as safety.

It possesses Non-corroding handle and lid and has an improved pressure regulator. The diameter of the flat base is 164mm and the thickness is 3.25mm. It has an unbreakable fixed pivot and all the spare parts are easily available. Moreover, it comes with a one year warranty and is recommended for use on a gas stove.

Pressure Cooker is a demand of modern style cooking where in less time healthy yet delicious food can be prepared.

Add it to your cart and gain best cooking experience.

• Perfect Kitchen ware, Pressure Cooker
• Made by one the most renowned brands in cookware, famous for its design and safety
• Ideally meant for making rice, meat and other savoury Indian recipes
• Capacity to cook dishes that are good enough for 5-7 people
• Long lasting gasket
• Shielded safety valve
• Non-corroding handle and lid
• New improved pressure regulator
• Unbreakable fixed pivot
• Spare parts are economical and readily available
• Recommend for use on gas stoves
• 100% Original Product, comes in warranty for 1 years
• High quality aluminium construction with metal alloy handles that is highly durable
• Brand: Hawkins
• Capacity: 5L
• Flat base Diameter: 164 mm, Base Thickness: 3.25 mm
• Carton Dimension (W x D x H): 420 X 235 X 200 mm
• Product weight in carton: 2.37 Kg (provided with manual book including 150 international recipes)

Product of India