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Jaggery Kohlapuri 900g

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Jaggery Kohlapuri 900g

Treat your guests with some home delivery shopping jaggery! Or better still, enjoy a piece yourself. These deliciously sweet brown pieces are known for their health-giving features in many parts of the world. And now with the Indya Kohlapuri Jaggery from India Bazaar supermarket shop, you can enjoy these at the comforts of your home.

Jaggery also goes by the name of ‘Gur’ in India, especial in the eastern part of the country. In Sanskrit, it was called Guda, in Konkanni it is called Godd, in Pashto it is called Gwera, Sarkarra in Malayalam, Vella in Kannada and so on.
Jaggery is a traditional solidified sweet made from sugarcane. It is enjoyed in Africa, Asia and in some parts of the American continent. Jaggery is in fact the concentrated juice derived from cane and palm sap. In making the juice, crystals and molasses are not separated. This juice is subsequently solidified.

Ingredients:Cane Sugar, Contains Sulphur Dioxide

Product of India