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Mothers Recipe Alphonso Mango Pulp 850g

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Mothers Recipe Alphonso Mango Pulp 850g

An absolute delight for Mango lovers, the Alphonso mango Pulp is a product that has been hygienically prepared from the best of the seasonal mango offerings, sugar syrup and citric acid. It is a Puree that can be used to tickle your taste buds. Right from your naughty little brat to the nagging seniors, no one can say a No to this product. Depending upon the occasions you can blend this Puree with Milk or Yogurt or use it as a topping and Voila!! You have a Tasty and Healthy traditional recipe.
It is endowed with delectable features like it has a Long shelf life as it is made up from Superior quality mango pulp, can be effectively used and last but not the least, tastes Amazing!!
So Hurry! Order now. Get drenched in the Sinful taste of Mango Lassi, Mango milk shakes, Ice creams and juices. The little ones can have it with Puri and Dry fruits – healthy and delightful it is...

Ingredients: Alphonso Mangoes, Sugar Syrup and Citric Acid.

Product of India