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Nayasa Microwave Idli Maker

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Nayasa Microwave Idli Maker 12 idlis

Preserving good amount of fuel now you can prepare scrumptious South Indian dish Idli’s very comfortable in your microwave with Nayasa Microwave Idli Maker. This special tool is the pre-requisite to every family who are fond of eating Idli and assume it to be as super delicious and healthy alternative to other breakfast options.You can embrace this modern way of cooking idlis by buying this special tool from India Bazaar.

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Why wait when making palatable Idlis are so easy. Buy it for your Idli lover friend and surprise them with their favourite dish

• Microwave Cookware
• 100% food grade, microwave, Refrigerator and dishwasher safe
• Perfect kitchenware for making Idlis (maximum 12 idlis at one time)
• Light, Durable, Safe and Extra Sturdy Design
• Includes 4 idli moulds and comes in various shapes
• Odorless, sanitary and easy to clean
• Brand: Nayasa
• Material: heat resistant plastic

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