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Parle-G Glucose Biscuits 799g

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Parle-G Glucose Biscuits 799g

Parle-G glucose biscuits, as the name suggest is a sweet flavour biscuit popular in India since long years. The goodness of glucose and wheat is combined to prepare this cookies to serve consumers with good healthy and happiness.

Parle-G is a traditional old biscuit very popular in India and more suitably Indians simply love them.
The texture is crunchy but as it goes into mouth melt immediately bursting the combination of rich glucose and finely picked wheat.
Being a great source of glucose it is also served as a great energy booster and for children it is a good evening snack.
Parle-G biscuits can be consumed in as it is form or in an innovative way with toppings like jam, butter, cream or any thing of choice.
Key Ingredients: Wheat flour, glucose, milk powder, sucralose.

Product of India