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QBB Pure Ghee 400g

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QBB Pure Ghee 400g
Clarified Butter

Cherish your food cooking process with QBB pure ghee obtained through home delivery shopping. The authentic Indian flavour and toasted aroma of pure ghee cooks mouth-watering dishes hard to deny. Ghee can be used in endless form from cooking to baking and most importantly garnishing. You can make this little addition to any of your any cooked food and enjoy the sweet flavour. With no more delay in time just order it from supermarket shop India Bazaar and indulge in delicious food preparation.

Ghee is a Sanskrit word and is prepared through melting clarified butter, once the water evaporates, the milk solids are the pure form of ghee. Enjoy flavoursome foods with pure ghee astonishing guests in the most delightful way.

For Cooking, Baking & BBQ
QBB Pure Ghee (Clarified Butter) is made from dairy Cow’s milk fat (butter fat), Imported from Oceania region (Australia & New Zealand), QBB Pure Ghee is superior in pureness and quality and has been trusted for generations and is reputably the best. QBB Pure Ghee enhances the aroma and taste of food, for cooking, baking, & BBQ. BBQ does not smoke, burn or splutter, contains No trans-fat, No salt, No artificial colours, No preservatives. No refrigeration needed, keep in cool & dry place.
Suitable for Vegetarians