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Teatulia Green Tea 48g

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Teatulia Green Tea 48g

• Contains 30 unbleached round tea bags from tea grown in Teatulia region of Bangladesh and is USDA certified organic and sustainable
• Easy-to-use, quick-to-brew and 100% compostable round tea bags
• Very well balanced and very unique (doesn’t’ t taste like other)
• Has a refreshing, cooling quality that makes it easy to drink all day long
• tea leaves stay bright and fresh with a vegetal, grassy aroma
• Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body
• Environmentally responsible packaging, made from compostable materials
• Packed well to retain its freshness
• Flavor: Indulge with sweet, grassy notes and a light finish
• Directions for use: Just add single round tea bag to a cup of boiled water, steep for 2-3 min, and then serve
• Ingredients: Green Tea