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Tez Mustard Oil 500ml

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Tez Mustard Oil 500ml

Mustard Oil is basically a flavour and health boosting cooking medium. Enjoy the bliss of cooking in the zingiest cooking oil with home delivery shopping. Add it to your salad or bharta in as it is form or heat it for frying cooking, the taste becomes unbeatable in any form Order it now from India Bazaar supermarket shop and enjoy extensive delivery in Australia.
Tez Mustard Oil 500ml pack is ideal cooking oil quite popular in India. The pungent strong flavour and the stingy taste it gives to the delicious food is suitable for all age groups and is considered to be the most general form cooking oil. The small 500ml pack is suitable to small families and comes in handy pack easy to carry.

Unique processed 100% Natural Oil Mustard Oil
Tez Mustard Oil in 500ml which is natural, zingy, tangy flavor in taste. These oils are the extract of mustard seeds and double filtered to preserve its inherent natural properties. These oils are very popular in India generally used for cooking
purpose and you can get these oils here in affordable price at

No Preservatives Added

Ingredients: Mustard Oil

Product of India