Synergy Chlorella 200 Tablets (500g) Australia Certified Organic

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Synergy Australia Certified Organic Chlorella 200 Tablets (500g)

Chlorella is a microscopic freshwater plant that is often referred to as one of Nature’s green superfoods. It has antioxidant properties that play a role in cleansing and detoxifying the body, supports the immune system and helps maintain general well-being. It is highly bioavailable and ideal for use as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Chlorella is rich in Iron, a natural nontoxic easily absorbed source. Iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, helps the normal formation of red blood cells and is good for the normal function of the immune system. Source of readily bio-available chlorella can help counter the over-acidity of many proceed foods, thereby aiding digestive health and general metabolic function. Chlorella is one of the most scientifically researched foods in history.

A natural source wholefood. Popular with the longest living race on Earth, the Japanese.

• Australian Certified Organic
• Rich in Iron
• Helps the normal formation of red blood cells
• Helps cleansing and detoxifying the body
• Helps function of the immune system
• Expiry 30 April 2019

Ingredients: 100% pure, certified organic, dried Chlorella. Grown outdoors and gently processed by cracking the cell for superior digestibility and absorption. No filler or additives. To preserve the nutrient and enzyme content, each bottle is nitrogen flushed to eliminate oxygen.