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No other brand tastes like Indian brands; there is no comparison for sure.
All our grocery items are from top Indian brands only.

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The service was great, and delivery both cheap and amazingly fast.

Elizabeth yeoman February 19, 2017

Very fast delivery. Products are pack nicely. Thnak you

Yahya ye February 12, 2017

Got back into loose tea a few years ago but it was getting expensive buying quality tea from the supermarkets..went in search online and found this place.At first i purchased tea that i was familiar with Brooke Bonds.but then i thought i would give Wagh Bakri Tea Leaf a go and i have stayed with it since.A nice flavored tea that i enjoy time and time again.Indian Bazaar is a shop that i would highly recommend.I have never had any worries with my orders and the courier service that they use is quick,efficient and have very good rates.If you give this store a go i can guarantee that you will also be telling your friends about this little gem of a store.

kevin wilson January 18, 2017

Quick delivery from Harris Park in Sydney to rural Victoria given it was over the Xmas public holiday period. The herbs and spices were all fresh and in very generous quantities. I look forward to blending my own curries again, and will definitely be buying from India Bazaar again. I recommend this seller.

Jim Bendfeldt January 06, 2017




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