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Hesh Amla Powder 100g

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Hesh Amla Powder 100g

For all gorgeous ladies who possess a serious love affair with the beauty of their hair, Hesh Amla Powder is right here available with home delivery online shopping. It’s high time you indulge in taking care of your hair naturally. After a long hectic day it is obvious to give head a relaxing session and applying Hesh Amla Powder paste is a remedy to all hair problems.

Order Amla Powder now and benefit skin and hair thoroughly.

• Amla powder stimulates hair growth and enhances the colour along with making roots strong and reduces hair fall.
• Cleanse the scalp and cures dandruff.
• Works great on revitalizing skin and reduces blemishes and fine line making skin look younger.

INGREDIENTS: Amla Powder(Indian Gooseberry/ Emblic Myrobalan)

Product of India