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Hesh Neem Powder 100g

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Hesh Neem Powder 100g

One herb that need special place in your beauty section is Hesh Neem Powder can be bought with no hassle from online store India Bazaar. Since ages Neem has been used in ayurvedic medicines in various form to treat various diseases and neem powder (an extraction of dried leaves) is extensively use to treat problems related to skin and hair. Be it an annoying pimple on your face or firm dandruff coverage, this magical herb solution all your worries.

With home delivery online shopping add to your shopping basket pure neem powder processed with great care to benefit your body ultimately.

• It very effectively cures skin irritation and inflammation due to properties like anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. It soothes skin with no dryness.
• It keeps away acne and prevents new ones to occur. Neem paste is great in curing bacteria.
• It is a great natural skin toner- helps effectively in firming the skin, prevention of fine lines and wrinkles and also reduces pigmentation. A blessing to the dry skin, neem paste moisturises skin along with removing black-heads and large pores.
• Most importantly neem paste keeps hair troubles at bay. It fights with all kinds of skin infections and keeps away dandruff too. Also the presence of oil makes hair grow stronger and healthier.

Ingredients: Neem leaves Powder (Azadirachta Indica)

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