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NIRVANA ORGANICS Fine Himalayan Crystal Salt 125g

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NIRVANA ORGANICS Fine Himalayan Salt Shaker Pack 125g

Absolutely natural and unprocessed, Nirvana Organics fine Himalayan crystal salt is devoid of environmental pollution and consists of about 84 minerals and essential elements that are required for a good and healthy life. This salt is mined and grounded from the Himalayan region .Salt is an inevitable part of everyone’s daily diet and the fine crystal salt from Nirvana Organics is ideal for cooking various cuisines and can be used as table salt also. Characteristics are :
• 100% Natural
• Unprocessed
• Tastes great
• It is hand mined for crystal protection.
• Doesn’t contain additives
• Comprises of 84 essential elements.

Ingredients: Himalayan Crystal Salt

Gluten Free
Dairy Free

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